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almost 3 am

might sneak on later in the morning. 


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i think i left my phone in the fridge again

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tags: #outoffood

raiding scor’s fridge

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my mistake

2 am

im so not tired and hyped on buttery popcorn that im thinking of my bedtime

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wow it’s almost 3 am and not asleep

regretting that nap.

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hungryy …

and i see seafood anywhere

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*eats dried octopus*

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You have been visited by the mysterious anon. I have heard of such things that plague the fandom. I'm quite sorry to hear! Though, It seems everyone is banding together. Do remember that humanity is at it's best in the most dire of moments. Those who have banded together to protect okegom are some of the most wonderful people! Please do pass this on; as the mysterious anon will visit those who stand tall against the hatred of the ignorant! Thank you for reading, and may the light grace you.


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ha haha ha  ha oh no
i crackship it

ha haha ha  ha oh no

i crackship it

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not exactly the best thing to wake up too z.  z.z.zz… 

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